Saturday, November 7, 2009

KJC Munhyeon

KJC is one of the biggest schools in Korea, with branches all over Busan. I work in the Munheyon (Mun-hee-yun) branch, and it's a newer facility with lots of classrooms and highspeed WiFi. It's right off the subway line which was a relief my first few days. The kids range in ages from 5-14 and come in after their regular school day. I arrive at 2:15pm and usually leave around 9:15pm. I have one planning period at 5pm for 50 minutes. I teach 2 classes of 13 year olds, called Leap 2 classes, and 4 classes of 9-10 year olds called Hop 1 classes. Most of the kids are very sweet and good, but some of my adolescent kids are just that - adolescents. This one kid Leo, decided to cut up a red pen during class yesterday and smeared the ink all over his desk. Awesome. What is he, 5?!?! He's a little smart-alek and I can tell we're going to butt heads. However, I am determined to get him to pay attention and turn this around. I have to channel my mother :) Again, I am so awed that she did this for over two decades!
We have a teacher's area where I have a desk area, and I move around to three different classrooms throughout the day.
So far it's been great! There is a lot of paperwork and I'm still getting into my groove, but I feel really good about my first solo week. I think I've found my calling...

The front lobby of KJC - we are on the second floor ...

Our sweet receptionists at the front desk. Note the peace sign ... Koreans do this in almost every picture!

James, the director of our branch. He was the one who picked me up at the airport when I arrived. Very nice and drives a sweet Lexus :)

The hallway between classrooms (the Arts wing and the Nature wing) and leads to the teacher's lounge ...

Teacher's lounge - my desk is on the left, the chair with the black trench coat ...

One of my favorite classes - the Hop 1C group. They are all so sweet and eager to learn. They love hearing things about my life in America!

I love my job!!


  1. Hey cuz! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I am totally excited that you've joined and I can't wait to read all about your awesome work and experiences abroad. I'm totally jealous of your apartment, it looks so nice!

    Things may be crazy, adjusting to a new job and environment, but you seem to have a handle on them and are beginning to get settled. Good luck out there and I am very proud of you!

    See you on the world wide web! SURF THE NET and get wet! (Just made that up and it sounded catchy, I'm stickin' with it!) :)

    Love, Kevin