Saturday, November 28, 2009

It Was a Summer of Red Fingernails

While going through some documents on my computer tonight, I stumbled upon this freewrite I did at the end of the summer. I meant to publish it as soon as I started this blog, but the whole "moving to Korea" thing got in the way and I forgot about it.
It's a really good wrap-up of my summer, which I still claim to be the best of my life thus far. Hope you enjoy reading it ... it still makes me smile.

Red Fingernails

It was a summer of red fingernails. A summer filled with Farmer’s Markets, reading in the hammock, backyard BBQs and wine spritzers. River hair, secret Sandy beaches, suntans and dirty feet. Life-changing dances, little (big) dogs and third roommates. Walks on the waterfront, half price sushi and hilarious elevator rides. Concerts by the river, weekends at the beach and celebrating loved ones we cherish and those we miss most. Memories of first loves, first losses and wishes for the future. Stolen kisses, pillow talk and domestic bliss. A summer of heartbreak and the art of letting go.  Losing loves but not losing the lessons. Of new puppies, encouragement and travel plans. Wedding vows, family time and dancing with your shoes off. A summer of bittersweet closure and future doors flinging open. A summer of overwhelming contentment. A summer of throw-your-head-back-and-laugh-til-you-cry. A summer that reminds you of the greatest gift called Life. The best summer ever.

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  1. half-priced sushi and hilarious elevator rides!