Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dynamic Busan

Living in a large metropolitan area has been so great. I'm definitely a city girl at heart. I love the constant energy, the throngs of people, the nonstop entertainment. I still walk the streets with a bit of awe that I'm actually living in Asia. I think I'm getting pretty good at finding my way around too. 

Other good news - I found out that my new apartment is only about 5 minutes away from my current place, and even closer to my best friend here in Busan! It's a newer complex as well, and even though the hassle of moving sounds like such a headache right now, it could be so much worse. Hopefully my school will help me move too. The plan is for next Sunday so I'll spend this week packing and cleaning this place. Poor Milo will have to deal with a third move in two months, but I'm sure he'll be fine. Good thing he's cute, snuggly and I love him so much!

Ok, on to pictures of city life!

These are shots from the Busan Train station, while I was waiting to pick Mary up last weekend. The trains to and from Daegu to Busan are cheap (around $10), fast, run multiple times an hour and the station is pretty easy to navigate. It was so great seeing Mary and we are both loving life in Korea. We would turn to each other a few times during the weekend and exclaim, "Holy smokes, we live in Korea!?!?" It was awesome.

Here is the Busan Station - it's huge but easy to get around.

Some shots around the taxi area and the front of the station. Cool art and pretty trees ...

Here are some pictures of Mary, Mel and I on Gwangalli Beach at sunset. It was cold, but beautiful. Mel is a friend of Kindra and Sean's that I met at their wedding this summer. She has been my best friend here and the biggest support I could ask for. We have decided that we were separated at birth :) She's amazing and one of the best things about Busan. And now I live 6 blocks from her, whoohoo! The last picture is us poking a bit of fun at the love of peace signs in all Korean photos, ha! Although my peace-loving self can definitely appreciate :)

Here are some random shots around my neighborhood. The McDonalds was a landmark Mel and I used my first few weeks here to meet up with each other. I still laugh when I think of how embarrassing that is! 

Mel and I attempted to see a movie this weekend but I ended up getting some great pictures from the elevator instead. Not a total loss! The last one is my subway station, taken one night on my way home from work.

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